About Us

Curious Questions and Fun Times


We are Humans.


“What is this world around us ?”

“How can we repeat doing things which we don’t really understand ?”

We ask questions all the time. Sometimes we find the answers. Sometimes we think we found the answers.

The thing is, answers are not that important.

We are what we are. And this is good.


We want to be happy.


“Preservation and Progression”

Two fundamental concepts that rule everything.

Ask, learn and try to progress.

Repeat to preserve.


“What is happiness ?”

Happiness is the harmony.

Harmony of “Preservation and Progression”


We want to have fun !


“Content and Context”

We create things, intentionally or unintentionally.

But we have choices, don’t we ?

Yes, only we have to be quick.

Time and space flow, with us or without us.

In a limited time and limited space, the things which make us really happy are also limited.

So we should choose our content wisely. Because context might not be always about us.


What about us ?


“Similarity and Difference”

This site is about both of them. Because both of them are important and precious.

We are people.

We all do things. We all look at things.

We preserved so far bacause of our similarities.

We progressed so far bacause of our differences.


“General view and self-centered view”

We are people. We are connected.

And we will share and we will learn and we will repeat

on this website.

“Everlasting Curious Mind”



meaning of curiocy : value of the curious mind